Diamond Cutting

Italdiamant and Disco Stone Blades

Inter-Tool recommends using Italdiamant and Disco blades for the most aggressive and economical applications. 8” blades work with the Inter-Tool TracStar.

Disco Blade information coming soon.


[tab:Italdiamant Blade Features/Benefits]

Features Benefits
Turbo Blades feature thicker kerf Superior strength and durability
Bonded specifically for marble or granite Engineered for Stone
Aggressive! Productivity
Must be used with coolant

Must be used with coolant.

[tab:Italdiamant Blade Specifications]

Part Number Size
ID-TGB7 7″ Turbo Granite Blade
KHK-SMP07 7″ Granite Blade Segmented
ID-TGB8 8″ Turbo Granite Blade
DS-GB8 8″ Granite Blade
KHK-SMP08 8″ Granite Blade Segmented
ID-GB10 10″ Granite Blade 25/50