About Us

Inter-Tool was founded as Leitch & Co. (www.leitchco.com) in 1922. Leitch & Co grew to be one of the largest suppliers of stone, tile and concrete equipment in the San Francisco Bay area and remained so even after the company was sold to new owners that brought in engineering and began to improve upon the equipment that was being sold. Later, Inter-Tool was created as a manufacturing and development division of Leitch & Co. to give greater focus to the fast growing market for these newly invented tools. Inter-Tool products have been sold across the US and in 49 countries across the globe.

Still located in the San Francisco Bay area, San Leandro, Inter-Tool today consists of a great number of tenured and dedicated employees that have decades of experience in the Stone, Concrete and Tile industries. You will find everyone on the team willing to help and we encourage you to give us a call if we can ever be of service.

Inter-Tool CEO Mike Malone says “Inter-Tool has always been about Innovation. Our new product initiatives, and greater focus on customer service, are the foundation on which we will build our industry partnerships and create value for the users of our products.”