Coolant Adapters

Inter-Tool manufactures a number of accessories to adapt your tooling for specific needs. We also have the capacity to custom make flanges or adapters.
• Reduce dust
• Increase diamond life
• Achieve a better finish


The CENTER COOLANT adapter may be attached to any 5/8-11 spindle right angle polisher (an adapter is also available for 1/2″ drill) The coolant will pass through the center and onto the working surface, improving the working life of the diamond tool and eliminating dust. This unit has the lowest profile available for excellent machine stability and control. A 7/8″ ring permits attachment of diamond cup wheels directly.

Recommended Maximum Speed 3,000 rpm

center coolant

The SKIL COOLANT adapter is designed to fit most 7″ Skil type saws. The coolant is directed to both sides of the blade at the cutting edge to prevent blade warping and provide maximum cooling.

skil coolant

This FLEXIBLE COOLANT system will mount to any high speed GRINDER (3000 rpm and up) to provide dust control and add life to diamond tooling.

Always use coolant feeds with a ground fault interrupter (GFCI).

flexible coolant

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