3” and 5” Diamond Grinding / Polishing Pads for Concrete

Inter-Tool Polishing PadsFast Acting, High Diamond Content Grinding / Polishing Pads

Concrete specific pads that can be used in wet and/or dry applications and allow you to finish your job faster, and with a better finish than the lower diamond content non-concrete specific pads.



Features Benefits
High diamond content Faster and higher quality grinding and polishing
8mm thickness Pads do not need frequent replacing
Concrete specific resin Pads specifically made for the texture and hardness of concrete provide a higher quality finish than pads made for harder or softer surfaces
Wet/Dry resin Additives in the resin allow for high quality performance in Wet and Dry applications without a need to change pads


3” 5” Grit
Part Numbers AS-DPC3005 AS-DPC5005 50
AS-DPC3010 AS-DPC5010 100
AS-DPC3020 AS-DPC5020 200
AS-DPC3040 AS-DPC5040 400
AS-DPC3080 AS-DPC5080 800
AS-DPC3150 AS-DPC5150 1,500
AS-DPC3300 AS-DPC5300 3,000


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