DS302 12” Floor Machine, Active Driven, Planetary Polisher

DS302 Planetary Surface MachineConcrete and Stone Floor Planetary Polisher

For high-end commercial-retail/residential polishing where a superior polished finish is required. Also, well suited for spaces where using a big machine is not practical. For high-polishing solutions only.




Features Benefits
Inter-Tool base-to-pad rpm differential Optimized to produce the best polishing results
90 degree swivel on wheels Allows the machine to track walls and get within ¼” of the surface edge
Operates wet or dry Flexibility in use
Uses three 5” diamond polishing pads and/or diamond grinding discs


Part Number DS302 DS302M
Power 115V, 60 Hz 230V, 50Hz
Current 20 Amps 10 Amps
Driver Speed (Adjustable) Up to 2,500 rpm
Platform Speed (Adjustable) Up to 500 rpm
Uncrated Weight 150 lbs 68 Kg
Crated Weight 270 lbs 123 Kg
Slurry Skirt Included Included

Discs: Uses Three 5” diamond polishing pads


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“The 302 has produced great polishing results for my retail jobs.”
Doug Ramirez, Tri Valley Polishing


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