Edge Pro Portable Edging Machine

Edge Pro Portable Edging MachineEdging Machine for Marble and Granite

An easy to use, and transport, reliable and economical way to professionally finish stone edges.





Features Benefits
Variable speed router requiring only 110v No special transformer or 220 power is needed to operate the tool, making it truly portable  and job site friendly.
Slab guide is standard, but removable Tool can produce perfectly straight, or curved edges.
Uses standard industry bits Any bits can be used and do not been to be Edge Pro specific.
Heavy duty roller system Easy motion and allows for well balanced precision vertical adjustments.


Part Number Edge Pro
Power 115V, 60 Hz
Current 15 Amps
Speed Range 10,000 to 16,000 rpm
Tool Weight 75 lbs
Shipping Weight 59 lbs and 19 lbs
Coolant Feed Included

Bits: Industry standard bits



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