Safety Glasses and Hearing Protection

Safety Glasses with Ear PlugsThe only Safety Glasses with retractable, on demand hearing protection integrated into the frames

When you have projects for which you need both hearing and eye protection but do not want to be bothered with having to remember both.



Features Benefits
Retractable ear plugs They are there when you need them, they are out of the way when you don’t
PermaPlug molded ear plugs Highest quality molded plugs for greatest comfort
DuraFoam ear plugs Comfortable roll-and-expand fit
Threaded ear plugs Ear plugs screw on and off for easy replacement
Available in Clear, Gray, Amber and Bi-Focals Easy to match your application


Glasses: ANSI Z87.1-2010
PermaPlugs Ear Plugs: NRR 25/SLC8018, Class3/SNR 29
DuraFoam Ear Plugs: NRR 30/SLC8022, Class4/SNR 35

Part Number Color Ear Plug
PS-GSCPP Clear PermaPlug
PS-SGGPP Gray PermaPlug
PS-SGAPP Amber PermaPlug
PS-SGPPBF Bi-Focal (Clear) PermaPlug
PS-RPP PermaPlug Replacement set
PSRPPMD PermaPlug Metal Detectable for Food Production Applications
Part Number Color Ear Plug
PS-SGCDF Clear DuraFoam
PS-SGGDF Gray DuraFoam
PS-SGADF Amber DuraFoam
PS-SGDFBF Bi-Focal (Clear) DuraFoam
PS-RDF DuraFoam Replacement Set