Tile Pro I, Tile Pro III and Tile Pro V: Semi Automated Tile Profiler

Tile Pro IAutomatic Edging System for Tile

The best value answer to doing more tile volume, more consistently and more precisely. Automatically profile and finish granite, marble and porcelain tile ¼” to ¾” thick and up to 24” in length.



Features Benefits
Transporter is pulled by a conveyor Increased consistency
Uniformity of pull assures consistent, precision edges regardless of different operators
Speed up to 1” per second (TilePro I) and 2’ per minute (TilePro III & V) Increased productivity
Conveyor motor has variable speeds Greater customization
Variable speed allows you to accommodate varying hardness in tile material


Part Number Tile Pro I Tile Pro III Tile Pro V
Tile Size up to 18” square up to 24” in length up to 24” in length
up to 1” thick ¼” to ¾” Thick ¼” to ¾” Thick
Speed adjustable up to 1” per second adjustable to 2 ft per min adjustable to 2 ft per min
Router Conveyor
Power 1.725 Kw 0.125 Kw
Current 15 Amps 1 Amp
Voltage 115V, 60 Hz 115V, 60Hz
Current 11 Amps 5.5 Amps
Uncrated Weight 7 lbs 9 lbs 600 lbs
Crated Weight 63 lbs Table, 19 lbs router & bit
Bits (3/8”) Bevel Eased Bevel (1) Bevel (1)
Radius Bit Coarse Bevel Eased (1) Bevel Eased (2)
Fine (1) Medium (1)
Fine (1)
Transporters 1 ea 18” 4 ea 12”, 4 ea 18”, 2 ea 24”

A 115V/60Hz/50Amp circuit is required.



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Tile Pro I Tile Pro III